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Experiences as a Newly Qualified SLT

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I have loved my first year working as an SLT! While starting a new career is always a nerve-wracking time, I have learnt so many new skills through my own experiences and through shadowing Helen and Kate.

When you become an NQP, you get the chance to put all of your learning from University into practice.

My favourite parts of my first year as SLT have been meeting with parents and teachers to talk about supporting children with speech, language and communication needs, and being part of a wider team, working to support children.

An essential part of being an NQP is having a supportive team around you, to brainstorm ideas and to ask endless questions to, which I have had lots of opportunities to do with our weekly meetings.

This year I have also been given the task of managing the social media page, which I have really enjoyed. I have also been lucky to have allocated time to complete my competencies, meaning that I am now a fully qualified SLT! 

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