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How Can We Help?


How can we help?

Seaside SaLT will discuss with you the best way to support your child and develop a tailor-made programme. This is likely to involve:

Step 1: Initial consultation
– This will be completed by telephone call to discuss your concerns and explain what we can offer. This initial consultation is FREE! At the end of the conversation, we would hope you will have a clearer picture of our services and a positive way forward to supporting your child’s speech, language and communication. If you would like to arrange an initial consultation contact us.

Step 2: Initial Assessment – We offer 2 assessment packages depending on your child’s needs. Summary Assessment – This will include:

  • Parental discussion and case history taking.
  • 1-hour informal/ formal assessment session.
  • Summary report including recommendations for next steps
  • Usually recommended for children with one area of difficulty e.g. speech sounds

Detailed assessment – This will include:

  • Parental discussion and case history taking.
  • Informal/ formal assessment session (this may be over several sessions as appropriate).
  • 1 hour visit to nursery/school observation of child and liaison with teachers.
  • Detailed report including recommendations for next steps.
  • Usually recommended for children with difficulties in more than one area e.g. listening and understanding language.
  • Therapy plan with targets and activities

Step 3: Intervention – We offer a tailor-made targeted therapy programme. This is always based on evidence. It may include 1-1 sessions, inclusion in group therapy, or sharing activities and resources for you to carry out at home. We will always give clear recommendations and support the implementation of these. Intervention can be carried out at home, at school or nursery via telehealth or in our clinic room as agreed with you.

Step 4: Discharge – We will always discuss with you when the right time is to stop therapy. Sometimes you may want a break and to restart therapy at an agreed time and this can be arranged. We will always offer services flexibly to fit around your family’s needs.