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What will it cost?

  • Parental discussion and case history taking.
  • 1 hour informal/ formal assessment session.
  • Summary report including recommendations for next steps
  • Parental discussion and case history taking.
  • Informal/ formal assessment session (this may be over several sessions as appropriate).
  • 1 hour visit to nursery/school observation of child and liaison with teachers.
  • Detailed report including recommendations for next steps.
  • Therapy Plan with targets and activities.

Therapy sessions are usually booked as a block of six 1 hour sessions and are charged up front on booking. The 6 sessions can be weekly or fortnightly as you prefer.

We also share activities with parents and nursery/school so you can reinforce the therapy between the sessions.

After 6 sessions we will discuss with you the progress your child has made and give you our recommendations for the next steps. This may be a further block of therapy, a therapy plan shared with the nursery or school or it may be a break from therapy to allow your child to generalise the new skills they’ve learnt.

Blocks of 6 therapy sessions, payment is required before report is sent out.

If you would like us to come and see you at home or in school/nursery we charge travel costs. The first 15 minutes from Scarborough is free but travelling time after that is charged at £30 per hour. If you do not wish to pay travel costs ask about having your sessions in our clinic room in Scarborough.