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Let’s Talk with Under 5’s

Let’s Talk with Under 5’s

A practical course which helps parents and carers learn how to develop and enhance their children’s understanding and talking.

This is a 7 week course for parents and carers who want to learn more about how to support their child’s language and communication development. It is open to any parents or carers of a child aged 0-5 years.

We run this course regularly 3 times a year and it is very popular. It is designed by speech and language therapists and aims to help you support your child to reach their potential with speech and language development. It is very practical with lots of ideas for fun activities and hands on suggestions you can do at home straightaway.

The course includes:

  • Understanding what happens when we talk to each other
  • Enhancing interaction between children and adults
  • Using play to help talking develop
  • Supporting your child’s listening and understanding
  • Learning how children learn new words
  • Learn how to ask age appropriate questions and share books
  • How to support a child whose speech is difficult to understand.

Previous group members have said….

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and recommend it to all parents”
“A practical hands on course with lots of ideas I will use with my child”
“I now feel so much more confident teaching my child to talk”

The sessions are 2 hours each and the course cost is approximately £100. We are planning to start our next course in November on a Friday morning in Scarborough.
If you would be interested in more information about the course or would like to go on our waiting list just get in touch –

For more information, download our flyer HERE