Part 1: Decision Making Flowchart

Use the RCSLT flowchart to decide if face to face session is required. (

Part 2: Home Visits

If having followed the decision making flowchart it is decided to conduct a home visit:

Prior to a home visit the therapist/assistant must consider the following in order to reduce risk:

  • Contact family on the same day as visit to check that no one in the household has Covid-19 symptoms or is self isolating as advised by Contact Tracing or in quarantine following a holiday.
  • Request adult present wears face covering
  • Use of social distancing measures
  • Undertaking appointment in a well ventilated room
  • Therapist use of PPE
  • Whenever possible home visits should be booked at the end of the day and therapists should avoid back to back home visits as equipment etc should be sanitised between visits.

Use of PPE for home visits:

  • Appropriate PPE will be provided for staff- gloves, visors and/or masks
  • Wipes and hand sanitiser provided for each therapist/assistant.
  • Therapist must apply hand sanitiser before donning any PPE.
  • Hand sanitiser must be applied before and after removal of PPE.
  • Therapist must clean all equipment thoroughly after each use.

Part 3: School/ Nursery Visits

If having followed the decision making flowchart it is decided to conduct a school visit:

  • Familiarise self with and adhere to settings IPC measures/ policy
  • On arrival at school check on any reported cases of Covid-19 and any restrictions in place e.g. restricted movement between bubbles etc.
  • Where ever possible adhere to:
    • 2m social distancing
    • Hand Hygiene – hand sanitiser before and after each client
    • Surface/ equipment decontamination – wipe between clients
    • Work in well ventilated room
  • Where the above cannot be maintained (including 2m social distancing) then masks/visors should be worn and disposed of between clients.
  • Equipment should be disinfected between clients. If this is not possible consider other types of equipment e.g. plastic, presented via laptop, presented with clear plastic sheet over.