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Training Feedback

“5 out of 5 – all of it was useful”

“5 out of 5 overall – lot’s of things I liked and will use”

“best twilight training we’ve done. I use bits of it every day”


KS 3 Intervention Group Feedback

“Our favourite lesson all week” – Y8 student

“lot’s of fun and I’ve learnt loads” – Y8 student

“really interesting, I definitely feel I understand the students better” – teaching assistant

“I look forward to Friday P5 for once!” – teaching assistant


Parent Feedback

“She always makes therapy fun” – Mum of 6 year old

“She really understands him’ – Mum of 3 year old having formal assessment

“J really enjoys the sessions” – Mum of 10 year old


School Feedback

“Kate is brilliant, definitely a crucial part of the team” – School SENCo

“I would always recommend Kate to other schools” – Headteacher